The 1-2-3 Miracle Sharpener® 

Easy, three-step sharpening to revive worn-out blades! 

The 1-2-3 Miracle Sharpener® uses a patented three-slot design to prepare the blade, sharpen and then finish the edge for clean cuts. Features an ergonomic handle so you can easily stabilize the Sharpener and anti-slip rubber pads that keep the unit in place. Slice the price of expensive knife sharpening. Shape, sharpen, and polish with one tool! No more dull blades

The world's fastest 3-stage knife sharpener - produces razor-sharp edges in just seconds! You don't have to shell out a fortune on a professional sharpener to get your knives razor sharp.

Get the 1-2-3- Miracle Sharpener and save! As easy to use as it is affordable, it lets you sharpen, align and straighten your knives to a double beveled edge in just seconds - literally! Stage 1 features a diamond abrasive edge to shape the burr-free edge. Stage 2 has a tungsten steel blade for sharpening the dull edge. Stage 3 has a ceramic edge that finishes the job by polishing the edge. Simply pull the knife 3 times at each stage and you're done! 8" x 3" x 1.75". 90-day limited warranty.

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